Thursday, 26 May 2011

Choosing the best way #1

Yesterday I was building a method to populate my chart, with Ruby on Rails, and was trying to think of the best way to get the array of years and the array of series to my view. Both would be obtained from a set of 'arrangements' associated with the current user.

I didn't want a messy controller so most of the action would happen in the model. Still I was not sure if I should have two instance variables (one array for the years and an hash for the series) or only one (an hash with information about the years and the series). So I defined three ways to do this and asked for opinions from my colleagues to help me decide.

The first alternative would need two methods in the model. The second one and the third would need only one method. But the third way could make it a bit confusing, some said.

I ended up going for the second alternative, but I must say that the third one also attracted me for it's use of that interesting ruby functionality (returning multiple results from a method).

Which one would you choose? A completely different way to do this?

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