Friday, 17 June 2011

Why You - Don't Debug in Production

Some time ago there was a very heated discussion about CoffeeScript in a Rails' Commit @ Github. Yesterday a friend of mine brought to my attention an interesting issue also @Github.

The issue referred to a command that was ran during installation and that, in Linux machines, would delete the /usr directory... which is not very nice since:
"This directory contains user applications and a variety of other things for them, like their source codes, and pictures, docs, or config files they use. /usr is the largest directory on a Linux system, and some people like to have it on a separate partition."

The issue was promptly fixed but the joke was on, and many many comments are being made on the commit page.

Funny enough one of those comments "mentions" my blog in some way with this image:

And I couldn't miss the chance to prove the point of my blogs' title.

I feel sorry for MrMEEE, everyone does mistakes. But maybe this way he'll get more people to help him with his app.