Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I must not forget what I've read #1

It might be lame to make a post with links to other people's text, and maybe that's Google+, Facebook, Twitter and GooglReader's job, but I just thought that it might be useful (at least to me) to keep track of some of the articles that I've read. For future reference or simply to spread the word. =)

* Vendor everything still applies: This strategy for using bundler and manage gems in a Rails project has been really useful for me, and has saved me plenty of time in deployment, and project sharing.

* A successful git branching model: Git is amazing and this branching model has been the one that has made more sense to me and which I have been using more often. The article also helped me understand Git better.

* Performance Testing Rails Applications - How To?: Looking forward to use this on my applications. Have a few in need of performance improvements.

* Dev Checks – Improving code quality by getting developers to look at each other’s work: I find it really interesting to learn how other people improve their programming skills and their code quality. I believe that showing our code to others will help us improve it, and don't worry if something embarrassing comes up... it's part of the fun. ;)

* Rails Best Practices 68: Annotate your models: I've been following this best practice in every project, this is really useful and saves loads of time when trying to figure out what's inside a model!

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